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Best Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru

why us?

 Amazonia Moyano is located just 15 minutes outside the town of Tingo Maria, Peru, nicknamed "sleeping beauty" because of a mountain view that resembles the shape of a sleeping woman. We are nestled in a beautiful mix of jungle, mountains, and waterfalls.

As part of the retreat package, we provide private, individual accommodations, and serve delicious, freshly prepared, dieta-friendly meals.  Fruit and hot tea are always available 24/7.

Our 11 day retreat programs are created with each guest's unique healing needs in mind. A personalized prescribed master plant dieta, flower baths and other Shipibo Amazonian herbal therapies are chosen based on each individual's unique circumstance and healing requirements. Each retreat includes 6-7 Ayahuasca ceremonies with beautiful, healing icaros (sacred songs) sung by our highly experienced maestros and maestras. We have limited space for up to 12 participants per retreat so that each guest can receive proper attention and care throughout their healing process.

Wi-Fi and electricity are available 24 hours a day,  fresh filtered water and power outlets are offered in each room, and laundry service is also included.

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We welcome guests all year round, so please contact us for flexible stays if these retreat dates do not coincide with your schedule, or if you wish to book a private group retreat.  
We look forward to welcoming you to a safe and immersive healing experience at Amazonia Moyano.

Ayahuasca Retreats Center in Peru - Amazonia Moyano
Ayahuasca Retreats Center Peru - Amazonia Moyano
Ayahuasca Healing Center Peru - Amazonia Moyano

our center

Ayahuasca Retreats Center in Peru

We are nestled in a lush mountainous, forested area 15 minutes from the city center of Tingo Maria.
The center is surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers, wildlife, running creeks, and waterfalls nearby.
We have 4 cuartos (guest houses) with 4 individual rooms in each house, and 4 private tambos.
Our medicine house is situated next to the beautiful Maloca, where we freshly prepare all our plant medicines.
Our spacious dining hall includes 2 lounge areas, and all our meals are locally sourced and freshly prepared daily. 

Ayahuasca Center Peru - Amazonia Moyano
Ayahuasca Center in Peru - Amazonia Moyano

Shaman-Led Ayahuasca Ceremony in Peru: Spiritual Awakening & Healing

our shamans

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upcoming retreats

Unveiling Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru - Elevate Your Being with Authentic Healing Experiences

Unveiling Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru - Amazonia Moyano

Upcoming Retreats 11 days

April 21 - May 1

May 9 - May 19

May 25 - June 4

June 13 - June 23

July 3 - July 13

July 24 - August 3

August 14 - August 24

September 4 - September 14

Flexible Stays Anytime of Year

For those wishing to stay outside of our retreat offerings, or for a longer period, we offer flexible dates and reduced pricing.

Best Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru - Amazonia Moyano

We warmly invite guests throughout the entire year to our Ayahuasca retreats in Peru. Should our scheduled retreat dates not align with your availability, or if you're interested in organizing a private group retreat for a transformative Ayahuasca experience, please don't hesitate to contact us. We offer flexible accommodation options to suit your needs, ensuring a profound and personalized journey.

Shipibo Pland Medicine in Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru - Amazonia Moyano
Shipibo Pland Medicine in Ayahuasca Retreats Peru - Amazonia Moyano
Shipibo Pland Medicine Ayahuasca Retreats Peru - Amazonia Moyano


Shipibo Plant Medicine

Many cultures and indigenous groups throughout the world say that sickness affects the energetic body first, where symptoms and distress then manifest into the physical, leading to illness if not addressed.

Western medicine, while an important and necessary part of our society, is limited in its understanding of how to support and treat the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. These aspects are segregated - with the focus being almost exclusively on the physical.

Ayahuasca Retreats - Amazonia Moyano


Ayahuasca: Unlocking the Gateway to Inner Self-Discovery and Spiritual Enlightenment

Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine from the Amazon. The woody, braided vine grows throughout the lowland rainforests of South America like Peru, Panama, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Surinam, Bolivia, and Venezuela. 

Ayahuasca works to bring healing on three levels: physical, psychological, and spiritual. It deeply purifies our minds, bodies and spirits of all the negative energies accumulated over the course of our lives from bad food, broken relationships, and traumas.

It can facilitate reconnection to oneself, and the awakening of consciousness. The medicine can show us the root causes of our illness, suffering, and disharmony.  ​

She helps to activate parts of our minds that are otherwise nearly impossible to access, and as our consciousness awakens and develops, we can learn to observe the workings of our minds and begin to find personal empowerment in taking responsibility for our thoughts. 

​The medicine can help us to come back into right relationship with ourselves, our family, our community, and the natural world.  She can show us how to create a more peaceful life, with less dysfunction and disharmony, and can teach us how to take responsibility for our own healing, wellness and lives.  

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My first impression with the work with Maestro Rider was his sensitivity. He would come to me in a session and know what I needed. Each time I worked with him, he would know what to do to help me find balance. He would soothe me when I needed it, he would help me find strength when I was feeling tired, and when I had a stomach ache or other pains during the ceremony, he would know how to massage to unblock that area and was really efficient and helpful.  When I first met him in 2018, I was a beginner and came to the medicine by chance. I didn’t know what it was about. He was very patient and explained about the medicine and was always ready to listen to all my questions and answer very calmly, and this was extremely important to me - to feel comfortable in talking to him. I remember in one ceremony, the work was so intense I became confused and he came to me and massaged specific points on my head and I was so impressed because the vision became so clear and I could focus, and he taught me how to help myself so I could focus more clearly in the following ceremonies. In another ceremony, I was feeling very blocked, so he came beside me and started singing the icaros and it was like he was lifting up the fog so I could clearly see my visions. I was so grateful, he has helped me tremendously as a shaman and a human being with his generosity, of sharing and explaining, and his positive energy. He is a fantastic human which is very important. When you’ve been working for hours and suffering and it feels extremely difficult, he always has some kind words to help you feel joyful and lift the energy into laughter. I am very thankful for everything he’s done for me.

— Anoushka

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