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At Amazonia Moyano, our goal is to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We want to ensure you feel at home, while going through the hard work of transformation and healing.

​Our center is located 15 min outside the beautiful town of Tingo Maria, in the Huánuco Region in central Peru. The city is nicknamed "the Door of the Amazonia" and is placed where the Monzón and the Huallaga rivers meet.  Sightseeing near the city includes Tingo Maria National Park, a limestone mountain range called sleeping beauty, a cave named Cueva de las Lechuzas (Spanish for "cave of the owls"), and many beautiful local waterfalls, some in close proximity to Moyano, with one being only a short 15 minute walk away.  Our center is nestled on the side of a small lush, green mountain, with beautiful private views of the surrounding mountains and wildlife.  We have medicinal plant gardens, cacao trees and various other luxuriant botanicals growing around the property.  It truly feels like paradise and a home away from home. The weather is mild during the days, reaching highs of 29c throughout the summer months from May til August, and the evenings are cool and refreshing hovering around 20c.

Please refer to the travel planning page for directions on how to get to our center and what to pack.


  We have the capacity to accommodate a variety of guests such as private groups, couples, and single travelers. Our cuartos (shared guest houses) are located close to the ceremonial Maloca and bathrooms, and consist of 4 individual private rooms, hosting one guest per room. Cuartos are perfect for those wishing to have closer access to amenities, for guests who are arriving for their first time, or for groups arriving together.  Our private tambos are located at the back of the property nestled under beautiful trees, for those wishing for more privacy, or for experienced dieters requiring isolation.  All rooms are spacious, simple, and clean, and are provided with power outlets, filtered water, bath towels, beds, mosquito nets, linens,  shelves for clothing, tables and chairs.  Room cleaning can be requested and laundry service is included in the price of the retreat package.

 Electricity runs 24 hours a day with 220V outlets, Wi-Fi is available all day throughout the center, and there is clean running water, and flushing toilets.​ Our shower facilities include 3 outdoor showers built from hardwood and 2 indoor tiled showers. All showers are spacious and clean. It is recommended to bring natural bath and shower products if possible as the water flows back into the surrounding wildlife. Our Ceremonial Maloca includes three bathrooms built conveniently into the side of the building, and our experienced facilitators are available to assist guests to the restrooms throughout the ceremonies.  Security and groundskeepers live here at the center to ensure safety, maintenance of the grounds,  and cleanliness around the clock.  The Maloca has a wraparound deck with two hammock lounging areas, and the dining hall also includes a hammock area and two separate lounging stations.

Please refer to our gallery for more photos of the center and surrounding area or contact us with any questions



We serve a wide variety of fresh, delicious, regional cuisine always made with strict adherence to the Ayahuasca diet such as organic eggs, chicken, river fish, plantains, fresh and cooked veggies, yuca, quinoa, local fruit, oatmeal, and chapo.  Breakfast and lunch are served during ceremony nights, dinner is included on rest nights, and fruit and hot tea are always available 24/7. Dinner can always be requested if you are not partaking in ceremony that particular evening.   Our dining hall is spacious and includes 2 lounge areas to relax, connect with others, and enjoy the gentle jungle breeze. Our dining and ceremony schedule can be found here

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