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Preparing for your trip to Moyano

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❗ COVID 19 updates

from November 1, 2022, a negative test and vaccination certificate is no longer required
All restrictions related to coronovarirus have been completely lifted.

For more information about travel protocols and updates, please check here, as well as checking your specific country's requirements.

Flights & Transfers 

All flights to Amazonia Moyano arrive in Lima first, with a transfer through either Huanuco or Pucallpa (1 hr flight time each way). We recommend comparing and booking your flight to Lima directly with the airlines to obtain the best rates and flexible cancelation options. If you should choose to book through an agency, we recommend as they offer a flexible 24-hour full refund policy and easy to reach customer service. is also a good site to compare prices, and generally offers cheaper rates through connection to third party booking sites.

  • For flights from Lima to Huanuco, Star Peru and Atsa Airlines offer flexible schedules depending on the date you wish to arrive.  

  • Please ensure your flight to Lima arrives at least 3 hours from the scheduled departure time of your flight intoHuanuco or Pucallpa to give yourself enough time to transfer, as airlines in Peru have a tendency to shift schedules rather quickly. 

  • Once you arrive in Huanuco or Pucallpa, we will schedule our driver to pick you up and bring you to our center from the airport.  We will arrange the pickup time with you prior to your arrival. The price for a taxi from Huanuco is 50$ (150 Sol), from Pucallpa 70$ (240 Sol)




Preparation and what to pack  📲


Amazonia Moyano is located 15 minutes outside of the beautiful town of Tingo Maria and is nestled between Andean Highlands and the Amazonian jungle. The weather is temperate, with temperatures ranging between 20-30c and heavy rainfall throughout the year, particularly from October through April.  The nights can get quite cool in the winter months.  Rainfall usually occurs on a daily basis, especially at night and in the early morning, so it is recommended to bring something warm for the evenings and loose comfortable clothing for the days. 

What to bring:

  • A light raincoat or umbrella

  • A small flashlight with a red light for ceremony

  • A larger bright flashlight or head flashlight for getting around easily in the dark around the center

  • A small first aid kit with antibiotic ointment and antiseptic cleansing solution.

  • A good set of runners for hiking which you won't mind getting muddy and a pair of waterproof sandals

  • Natural insect repellent, and essential oils such as peppermint and tea tree for mosquito bite treatment

  • Light loose clothing, suitable for humid conditions which also protects from mosquitos

  • couple of pairs of socks (merino wool is best since it keeps you dry even if they get damp)

  • A sweater / hoodie, and sweatpants in case of cooler, rainy evenings (we can provide extra blankets here at the center if needed)

  • A swimsuit or swim trunks if you wish to explore the many waterfalls nearby

  • Baby wipes / face wipes (unscented work best for multi-use) 

  • Small battery-operated candle or small portable lamp for your room if you wish to have some light throughout the course of the night (we provide candles here but it's nice not to worry about fire hazards)

  • Toiletries - natural shampoo, conditioner, natural deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap etc. 

  • Hand Sanitizer for your travels

  • Snacks for your room for post-ceremony like salt-free nuts, sugar-free, salt-free nut butter, unsalted rice cakes,  (it's nice to have snacks on hand when you get hungry, especially after ceremony ).

Please have the following items ready and completed prior to your arrival:

  • Travel insurance - is optional but we always recommend purchasing in case of a medical emergency

  • Money - Please bring crisp USD bills for payment in cash or contact us to pay in full before you arrival.  You can withdraw cash from many local atm machines in Tingo Maria if you wish to purchase perfumes, additional artisanal items, mapacho, plant medicines, small food items and additional fruit

  • Dietary preparation - it is imperative you prepare well before arrival. Please read about preparation and integration here

Amazonia Moyano

We look forward to welcoming you to Moyano

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