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The wonderful team at Moyano

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We are a team dedicated to keeping our facilities and plant medicine gardens beautiful, preparing fresh and delicious foods, and most importantly, providing loving care and support for our guests throughout their stay. Welcome to our community.

Rider Arevalo

Rider Arevalo - Owner / Director

Rider is the principal Maestro and Owner & Director of Moyano. After suffering much hardship in his infancy and childhood, he began dieting with the plants at the age of 5 under the care and guidance of his grandmother Maria Arevalo, one of the most powerful Shipibo Curanderos in the world.  At the age of 10, he underwent rigorous training to become a healer, dieting with the plants, and drinking Ayahuasca every single night for 3 years. He is an incredibly talented curandero with a vast and ancient knowledge of plant medicines to treat and heal various diseases and traumas. He has a huge heart and is always open to helping those in need, listening to them with compassion and care, and guiding them on their journeys. His knowledge and experience working with different people throughout the world has enabled him to clearly express and explain how the medicine works, and how the process unfolds, bridging the gap between the Western and Shipibo cultures.

Charo profile Moyano

Charo - Head Cook

Charo lives in Castillo Grande and is our head chef, lovingly preparing the meals for the guests and the staff at the center.  She is originally from Huyna Capac, Tingo Maria, and grew up in Lima until she was 19. She met her partner and had her daughter and moved to Cusco for several years before moving back to Tingo Maria. Charo has a kind heart and always puts into consideration each person's dietary requirements in her meal preparations. She also washes guests clothing and assists with the cleaning around the dining hall.  

Graciela profile Moyano

Graciela & Gadiel - Cook 

Graciela is Charo's sister and also lives in Castillo Grande.  She is bright and bubbly with a beautifully energetic personality, and assists with the cooking and food prepping, as well as laundry, cleaning around the center, and bringing food for guests who are dieting in isolation. Her son Gadiel sometimes tags along with her and brings his joyful energy to brighten our day.

Emi profile Moyano

Jani & Allison - Housekeeping & Cleaning

Emi is originally from Paoyhan but met Omer several years back and moved to Pucallpa with him to start their family. She lives part-time at the center when her daughter is out of school.  She cleans the medicine house, the Maloca, the bathrooms and showers and assists with laundry and some light cleaning in the dining hall. Her daughter Ariana is always by her side helping with different tasks. You'll find Ariana laughing and giggling all day, brightening the energy of the center with her sweetness. Emi also embroiders Shipibo art and can be asked to embroider specific Shipibo designs on clothing or textiles of your choice.

Omer profile Moyano

Omer - Primary Groundskeeper & Security

Omer is our head security and groundskeeper and lives here at the center. He ensures the safety of our guests and staff, and keeps the grounds looking beautiful, from designing and planting new gardens, repairing and rebuilding living quarters, to removing excess brush and overgrowth around the property.  Omer is from Pucallpa and was born and raised there. He is always eager to help anyone who needs it, from cutting fresh coconuts for guests to assisting with luggage. Omer has a kind heart and a strong spirit. His wife Emi and daughter Ariana also stay with him at the center when Ariana is out of school on holidays. 

anthony profile Moyano

Anthony - Groundskeeper & Security

Anthony also assists with groundskeeping and security duty. Whether it's repairing and preparing the guest houses for arrival, planting and maintaining the gardens, and bringing water bottles for the guests in their rooms, Anthony is always eager to help out around the center, and is a very caring individual who likes to chat with the guests and build friendships with everyone who comes to Moyano.

bunny Moyano

Patas - Joy Giver

Patas is our sweet little bunny at Moyano. She is a gentle, happy, and vibrant little soul, and brings love and comfort to our guests. She loves to forage around the center and likes to hang around the Maloca. She loves to be held and gently stroked with love. Being around Patas instantly brings feelings of calm and joy.

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